You may get the impression there are lots of guides to show you around town in Romania.
But there are very few like Tomaso. Very few that can catch a glimpse of both the nearly invisible, the startling, the unobtrusive, the spectacular and the iconic on a single visual tour. Whether it is music events, architectonic highlights or lazy fumigated landscapes with mountains smoking in the distance, Tomaso will turn you towards the defining photographic moments and the phenomenal people you might otherwise miss. You can still ask a taxi cab driver for directions, ask a street artist for the Romanian wall of fame, or an old lady for her secret dessert recipe, but always count on Tomaso to find the visual cues that even the locals have a hard time noticing or appreciating.
If you want to visit Romania sooner or later be sure to call him.

>Steven Tyrone

(I can only hope that you know what Towel Day is...)